Apps Like Tinder that Will Get You Laid a Lot More Often

We get asked this question all the time. “Are there any apps like Tinder for hookups?” The answer is YES. There are many. Whilst navigating and researching dating apps we encountered a lot of sites and apps that may be an even better option than Tinder to find hookups. In this article, we’ll list the 5 apps that are similar to Tinder and will most likely offer you a better opportunity to find real-life hookups and casual sex partners.

Why Would Anyone Want a Tinder Alternative?

If you’re asking yourself why anyone would want to use an Alternative to Tinder you’re not alone. With Tinder being the most popular dating app on the market at the moment, it seems counter-productive to use an alternative. You’re somewhat right. There are however a few reasons someone might want to try an alternative to Tinder for hookups.

  1. Tinder forces its users to link to Facebook in order to use the app. Not everyone is okay with this. Especially with all the privacy issues Facebook has been facing recently. Dating and our social media accounts should remain separate from each other for privacy reasons.
  2. Many of the members on Tinder use it as a novelty. Not everyone on Tinder downloads the app to find real-life hookups. There are a lot of people that simply sign up to see what the buzz is about. Some even sign up to feed their ego. “How many people will swipe right on me?” Less mainstream apps are more likely to have a more engaged database of users. Even if their database is smaller, often, it’s easier to actually hook up on Tinder’s alternatives than it is to actually hook up on Tinder.
  3. The members on Tinder are extremely superficial. Swiping right or left on someone simply based on one’s looks can feel a little superficial to some. Not everyone is solely interested in looks. If you’re one of these people, a Tinder Alternative may be just what you’re looking for.
  4. Anonymity. With the number of people on Tinder swiping all day, a friend, an acquaintance, or even a family member is bound to come across your profile. Your profile is presented to just about anyone that is nearby. If this is something that concerns you, keep reading to find out which Tinder alternatives for hookups are available to you right now.

The 6 Best Apps Like Tinder to Find Sex

#1 AdultFriendFinder

Hookup Sites like Tinder - AFF

We here at the Dating Council are very fond of AdultFriendFinder. Although this site does not have any mobile apps, they do have an app that is available for download via their site. They’ve also got a very easy to navigate mobile version of their site that you can easily access from any mobile device.

We’ve listed AdultFriendFinder as the number one choice for the simple reason that this is, by far, the easiest app to hook up on.

The only similarity AdultFriendFinder shares with Tinder is the ultimate goal of its users. To get laid with absolutely no strings attached. However, the members on AdultFriendFinder are all eager to actually meet up. As we mentioned earlier in this article, many of the members on Tinder have downloaded the app for novelty purposes.

AdultFriendFinder has been around since 1996. Tinder was founded in 2012.  Some of you reading this may have not even been born in the mid-nineties. They been perfecting the site over the years and have successfully earned the right to call themselves the Pioneer in the industry of adult dating.

There are more than 80 million active and engaged members on AFF, finding a casual sex hookup is a breeze for pretty much anyone using the app.



Hookup Sites like Tinder - DOWN

Some of you may remember this app from its previous name. “Bang with Friends”. This was one of the first dating apps like Tinder that implemented the whole “Link to Facebook” strategy to help moderate the validity of new registered members. Although it requires you to link to your Facebook profile, the DOWN dating app keeps its promise of never posting anything to your account. Of the 14 council members that signed up to DOWN and registered the app to their Facebook account, all 14 stated that it stayed entirely anonymous.

The upside of the DOWN dating app is that the members are all genuine, and all ready to meet up. The total number of people that have downloaded an installed this app is slightly over 5 million. Although this sounds like a large number of people, not all of them are actively using the app. It may seem a little discouraging when you sign up from a smaller city. Most matches on the DOWN dating app are made in major US cities.

Just like Tinder, the DOWN app uses the Swipe concept to create matches. However, the swiping results are a little different from Tinder. On DOWN, if you swipe down, it means you’re ready to “Get Down” (hence the name of the app).

Swiping UP means that you are interested in pursuing something more than just a casual fling.

Swiping left means you are not interested in the person.

Down is a dating app that is similar to Tinder in more ways than one. It does, however, provide a superior user experience in our opinion.



Hookup Sites like Tinder - PURE

Yes, this is the one with the unforgettable logo. No one, and we mean no one, is expecting to find their life partner using the Pure dating app. Its sole purpose is to help its members connect for casual sex. If you’re not looking to get laid, the Pure dating app is not interested in you.

Pure has amassed a total of 5 million members since it was launched 6 years ago. Although this is a smaller community compared to some of the other giants in the filed, the members are very active and super engaged with each other. There was no shortage of online members willing to hook up while our testers were taking the app for a spin. In fact, they seemed a little distracted during their time on Pure. Some of them had a hard time removing it from their device once they were done with their review.

Pure is a dating app that is considered a must-have by many singles. It’s available for both iOS and Android. It’s free to download and offers a trial membership but once that’s finished, you’ll have to pay to continue chatting with the members on Pure.


#4 KinkD

Hookup Sites like Tinder - KINKD

If you consider yourself to be kinky, and are into BDSM, the KinkD app might be the right alternative to Tinder for you. This app made some of us blush and we’ve pretty much seen it all. Available for both Android devices and iOS, the KinkD app is becoming a popular dating app with the BDSM community.

Every member is required to verify their identity on KinkD. This can be viewed as both negative and positive. Some might be a little hesitant to share sensitive information with an app like KinkD, others will be pleased by the fact that the members they are communicating with have been screened and are genuine.

KinkD does require a paid subscription in order to get any functionality out of the app, but many of us felt the cost was well worth it.

KinkD is the perfect alternative to Tinder for anyone that enjoys a little BDSM.


#5 OhLaLa

Hookup Sites like Tinder - OhLaLa

This is a dating app that definitely breaks the mold.

Popular in Germany and now New York, OhLaLa is the dating app that requires men to pay for dates. Some of you might be getting the impression that the women on this site are “professionals” by now but rest assured, they’re not. Or at least, that’s what they would have us believe and it seemed that way to us during our testing.

Men are required to make “offers” to women (monetary offers) and wait to see if the offer is accepted. Once an offer is accepted, you plan the date. The site does not provide any guarantees that the payment will be made by the man. There is no escrow service. The honor system is the only thing keeping women from getting “stiffed”. (I love that expression).

Definitely worth a try if you’re tired of the same old online dating experience.


#6 Whiplr

Hookup Sites like Tinder - Whiplr

Kinksters rejoice! Whiplr is here to bring like-minded people together for some punishing good times. If you’re into the BDSM lifestyle, you’ll love Whiplr. Whether you’re a hardcore, experienced BDSM lover, or simply looking to get your feet a little wet, Whiplr will provide a very positive experience. We enjoyed our time on the app due to the friendliness of the community. We did not expect such a welcoming crowd on this type of app.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Whiplr is free to download. Being a free dating app, like Tinder, it utilizes ads for monetization. They can seem intrusive at times but depending on your budget, this can be overlooked. Whiplr will yield positive results to anyone in a populated city.


There You Have It

We had a great time testing apps and looking for the right Tinder Alternative. We came across many apps with weak member databases that were unable to provide good results. Unfortunately, many of these apps resorted to poor practices in order to retain their members or to get them to upgrade their memberships. Fake profiles, bogus chat requests, IMs from site-generated profiles, these are some of the things we encountered in our search for the best Tinder app alternatives. Luckily, we were able to find 6 apps that provided results, far superior to the results you would expect to find on Tinder.

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