Best Adult Dating Sites – 5 Easiest Websites to Get Laid

This article has one specific goal. That goal is to get you laid. When? Right now. Waiting is not an option when we’ve got the hankering for some hot, steamy sex am I right? Adult dating sites are the answer.

If you’ve struggled in the past, or are unsure about how people get laid online, you’re sure to benefit from this post. Don’t go away. Keep reading and I assure you, you’ll be a few clicks away from getting some actual action with real locals by the end of this article. It’s about a 10-minute read that will help you find sex online almost at will.

When you’re looking for a quick fling, or one night stand, the type of dating platform you want to be on is an adult dating site. There is no reason you should be using a general dating site or dating app to find a partner for casual sex. We want to meet like-minded people and if you’ve spent any time on dating sites, you know how some women can react to a proposition for sex. Let’s first take a look at the 5 best adult dating sites available today. We’ve selected the 5 adult dating sites that not only have millions of real members, but we’ve also taken the speed of finding a hookup into consideration. When you want to find a casual sex partner, I repeat, waiting for weeks to hook up is simply not an option.

We’ll first take a look at the sites that are most likely to work for you. Of course, your location plays an important role when it comes to selecting the right adult dating site, that’s why we’ve selected sites that are just as likely to help you hook up in an urban area, or a rural area. No matter where you live, these sites are filled with real, eager singles looking for casual flings.

Top 5 Adult Dating Sites

#1 – AdultFriendFinder

Best Adult Dating Site 1 - AFF

At the top of this list is the one site that is leagues above the rest. AdultFriendFinder is the pioneer in adult dating. They’ve got more than 80 million members in their database that are eager to meet for a casual fling. They’ve been around since the mid-nineties so it’s no surprise that they’ve managed to acquire such a huge database of members. We set up half a dozen male profiles on AdultFriendFinder and were able to successfully score dates on the same night with each and every one of them. If you’re wondering what type of pictures we used to get such an impressive success rate, we used our own. And no, we’re not the best looking guys out there. Average looking would be an overstatement.

For anyone that hasn’t yet set up a profile on AdultFriendFinder, we strongly urge you to set one up now.


#2 InstaBang

Best Adult Dating Site 2 - InstaBang

Not as popular, nor is it as potent as AdultFriendFinder, but InstaBang is definitely an adult dating site on the rise. The implication of joining this site is that you’re looking to “bang” now. Male and female members are both aware of this when they’re crafting their new profiles on InstaBang. Rest assured, DicPics will be appreciated here. You’ll never have to worry that the person on the receiving end will be insulted by nudes. Actually, they’re encouraged here. If for some reason our number one choice is not your cup of tea, InstaBang is a terrific choice. With their offices based in the USA, there is an added trust factor. The company is on the up and up and they have a good score from the Better Business Bureau.

Setting up a profile on InstaBang is a great move for anyone that enjoys the benefits that come from living the single life.


#3 Fling

Best Adult Dating Site 3 - Fling

Fling has been around for quite a few years. It is one of the oldest adult dating sites on the market. They’ve managed to not only amass an impressive database, but they’ve also been able to build a solid reputation in the world of adult dating. Many sites have tried to mimic their success by following the same path but have not been able to achieve the results of Fling. Users on Fling rarely cancel their subscription which is a clear sign that this site works. Setting up a casual date on Fling does not take much effort nor does it take much time. The members, both male and female, are eager to meet up in real life for actual casual sex encounters. We’ve had a lot of success using Fling and will continue to hold onto our premium membership on this established adult dating site.

A premium account on Fling is definitely a useful tool for anyone seeking casual hookups on a regular basis.


#4 Ashley Madison

Best Adult Dating Sites 4 - AshleyMadison

Ashley Madison is the go-to adult dating site for anyone seeking an extra-marital affair. Every other site in this niche is basically a cheap ripoff of Ashley Madison. I know what you’re saying. Didn’t Ashley Madison experience a major breach in security a few years ago? Yes, they did. What did that do? That forced them to become the most secure adult dating site out there. They’ve done everything to recover for the breach and now have a site that is impenetrable. Any other site would have folded. But because their members love the experience of Ashley Madison so much, they decided to stick with them through the difficult times. The experience on Ashley Madison is simply unmatched. In which respect? This is probably the only site in the niche that has actual members on it. Real married men and women that are looking for discreet, casual sex.

If you’re married and looking for an affair, there is no reason to join one of the cheap knock-offs. Go straight to the legend. Join Ashley Madison and you’ll be chatting with thousands of pleasure seekers in no time.


#5 Instant Hookups

Best Adult Dating Sites 5 - InstantHookups

InstantHookups hasn’t been around as long as the other adult dating sites on this list. They’re new to the scene but boy are they making some noise. They’ve managed to grow their database in a very short period of time. Members are eager to hook up now with absolutely no strings attached. We had a good time using InstantHookups and we’re sure you will too. There is, however, a downside to this adult dating site that isn’t present in the 4 sites we listed above. If you’re in a smaller town and not able to travel, you might find the potential matches presented to you lacking. Smaller cities have not yet built up a solid enough database to actually help one find a real-life hookup.

If you’re in a populated city or are okay with traveling to one, you’ll surely find some casual sex on InstantHookups.


Why Use Adult Dating Sites

Some of you may already have memberships on some of the more popular dating sites and apps. Adult dating sites differ from these in the following ways.

  • Members on adult dating sites know what other members are there for. This makes cutting to the chase a lot easier.
  • The platforms on adult dating sites are set up in a way that promotes quick real-life meetups.
  • The price of joining one of these sites is far less expensive than joining one of the major dating sites.
  • Online chatting is present but members do not spend days upon days chatting before meeting up.
  • Video chat is available and explicit actions are allowed.
  • Nude photos are present and encouraged.
  • Members are all looking for no-strings-attached encounters.

Who are Adult Dating Sites For?

  • Anyone seeking a one-night stand
  • Anyone looking for a regular casual sex partner
  • Someone who is attached and wants to meet someone for a discreet affair
  • Single people that prefer to remain single and continue playing the field.
  • Anyone who is looking to gain sexual experience.

Tips for Using Adult Dating Sites

  • Instill trust in the person you want to meet with. Women may be a little more hesitant to meet than men if they don’t feel safe. If you’re okay with it, add her on one of your social media platforms. This is a great way for her to screen you and see that you’re a trustworthy individual.
  • Always upload a profile pic that is recent and clear. Multiple photos work best. Go through all your pics and put up the ones you like best.
  • Thoroughly fill out your profile. Women tend to read profiles a lot more than men do. Pics may not be enough to get her heart racing.
  • Be unique, if possible. Avoid cliches.
  • Play the game right. Sending nudes is not frowned upon, but make her work for it a little.
  • Lower your standards if possible. Personally, I send out about 30-40 requests daily. Adult dating is a numbers game. Don’t limit yourself to the one that caught your eye.
  • Contact members that are online now. Don’t send out 1-2 messages to women that are offline in hopes of her logging in and replying.
  • Be prepared to travel a little. Broaden your search.


Adult dating is not as complicated as you may think. There are a lot of people that complain about not being able to successfully hook up online. If you follow the advice we’ve laid out for you, you should have no problem finding someone for a fling tonight. Use a site that has actual members, any one of the sites we’ve listed will do. Follow our tips as much as possible. They will increase your chances of finding someone. Enter these communities with a positive attitude and I assure you, you’ll have more women than you can handle knocking at your door.

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