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Nobody wants to grow old alone. Times have changed. Finding love on the internet using an online dating site used to carry a certain level of stigma. Nowadays, it’s the norm. With the thousands of online dating sites and apps that are available, it can be extremely difficult trying to find the right site. More than 90% of the dating sites available are not going to yield any results. Why? There simply aren’t enough members. Whether they’re new sites, scam site, or simply poorly designed, they won’t benefit you in any way.

Online dating sites are only as good as their member database. No people, no dates. In order to actually find someone local, there needs to be at least a few hundred people signed up in your town that are actively using the site.  Otherwise, your membership will offer no benefit to you.

The following sites have been selected by the council as the best online dating sites to help you find love. They’re easy to use, have millions of members, real active members, in their database and are extremely affordable. If you’re looking to find love on the internet, no other sites will help you accomplish this better than these 4 online dating websites.

4 Online Dating websites to Find Love

#1 Badoo

Best Online Dating Sites - BADOO

Badoo is known as the social dating site. It uses the same layout and offers a similar user experience as a regular social media site. The difference is that the members on Badoo are looking to meet someone to date and fall in love. The matches obtained using Badoo are superior to any other online dating site. Badoo currently has over 300 million real members that are actively seeking out a relationship.

Badoo is rich in functionality, and best of all, it’s free to join and use. If you can afford some extras, Badoo has a credits system that will allow you to take “shortcuts” in order to meet someone faster. If you can’t afford the credits, Badoo offers ways to “earn” these free credits as well.

The members on Badoo are verified which eliminates fake profiles. This is an issue that is widespread in the online dating community. Rest assured, all members you are talking to on Badoo are verified, and real. If you’re looking to find love on the internet, there is no better website than Badoo. There is also an app that is available on the app store and Google Play.

The council has joined and tested more than 150 dating sites, and Badoo is by far our top choice for anyone looking to find love on the internet.

Joining is fast, simple, and best of all, cost-free. We can’t think of a single reason for anyone to not have a membership on Badoo.


#2 eHarmony

Best Online Dating Sites - eHarmony

In business since the turn of the century, eHarmony is one of the better known online dating sites. What makes eHarmony so popular and successful is its proprietary matchmaking algorithm. The council agreed that when using eHarmony, the matches provided to us were superior to other dating sites. This is why we think eHarmony is one of the best online dating sites available today. eHarmony has approximately 20 million active users worldwide.

Setting up an account on eHarmony is a lot more complex and more expensive than the other sites on this list. The reason for the lengthy and complicated registration process is to feed their algorithm in order to provide you with the best possible matches. The only thing we can say is that it works. All council members were pleasantly surprised by the matches that were provided to them. Some were, however, annoyed at the lengthy registration process. It took some of them more than two hours to properly craft their profile.

All that being said, having an account on eHarmony is going to definitely help you in your quest for love.


#3 Match

Best Online Dating Sites - MATCH

Who hasn’t heard of They’ve spent the past few years buying out all their competitors. Match is a dating site with more than 50 million members worldwide, most in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Their popularity stems from their aggressive marketing campaigns. They’re definitely one of the best online dating sites to find love available on the market today.

Just like our previous entry, Match uses a powerful matchmaking engine that they have perfected over the years that yields results. The matches we were presented with were interesting to say the least. It was as if knew us better than we know ourselves at times. The council agrees that is among the top dating sites and merits a visit from all our readers that are looking for love on the net. has a monthly price of over 40$ which may seem like a lot to some of you. However, it will take you a lot less time to find the person you’re looking for than it would on another dating site. This helps balance the cost of using Match to find love.


#4 Plenty Of Fish

Best Online Dating Sites - POF

The reviews on Plenty of Fish from our council were a little mixed. Some loved it, others hated it. We decided to include it on our list simply because of its popularity and immense user database. There are more than 100 million profiles on Plenty of Fish. The male to female ratio, however, is slightly unbalanced compared to the other entries on this list. We found that there were a lot more men on this site than women which made it a little more difficult to find a partner if you’re a man that is. For women, the opposite is true.

Plenty of Fish was once a free dating site, but they’ve incorporated a monthly fee to the site recently which turned off a lot of people. Out of the 100 million members, we would say that less than half of those are active on the site, and that’s being extremely generous on our part.

Nevertheless, Plenty of Fish is still considered to be, by many and by our council, one of the best dating websites available on the internet today.


Some Advice For Using Online Dating Sites

If you’ve used one of these dating sites and were unable to meet someone, it’s very likely that you’re doing something wrong. We’d like to offer you a little advice that will make your search a lot more successful.

  1. Take the time to properly craft your profile. A lot of these sites use matching engines, or algorithms, to help match you with other members. An empty profile will not be shown to the opposite sex as often as a detailed one. The more people your profile is presented to, the more messages you’ll find in your inbox every time you log in.
  2. Avoid cliches. Do your best to be original when contacting someone on a dating site. Using the same ol’ tired cliches that everyone uses will not be beneficial to you.
  3. Use a person’s profile to your advantage. When contacting a member you’re interested in on an online dating site, take some time to check out their profile. The most important aspect of their profile you should be looking at is their “interests”. This will allow you to break the ice by mentioning something you have in common. This will increase your response rate dramatically.
  4. Be nice. Some of you may think this goes without saying, but we’ve seen it time and time again. People are rude and expect to get a response. This simply doesn’t work on online dating websites.
  5. Build trust. The goal of using a dating site is to eventually meet in real life. This point is especially true for men. Men need to establish trust before asking a woman to go out on a real date. Usually, the best way to do this is to add someone on your favorite social media account. This will give them a much better insigh on who you are and whether or not you can be trusted. Having a common friend usually is enough for a woman to agree to meet up.


Nothing is more important than the online dating site you choose to join. The sites we’ve mentioned on this list are the more popular, and the most powerful when it comes to providing results. We’ve tested them for extensive periods of time and are sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We wish you the best of luck and hope you meet that special someone. He or she is out there. Be positive, and be proactive.

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