Review and 1 Incredibly Unique Alternative

Some of you may have heard of or other Listcrawlers. We took a look around Listcrawler to see what we can discover. We’ll also present you with an incredible alternative that is both efficient, and legal. Here is the council’s review.

What is Listcrawler?

Listcrawler is just what its name claims to be. It’s a site that crawls the internet for escort ads and publishes them on their site. The ads are not placed directly on Listcrawler. They are collected from 3rd party websites and are then posted on the site.  The domain was registered in 2012 but the site recently started receiving huge amounts of traffic. This is very likely caused by the closing of Backpage. A lot of people are looking for alternative sites to find escorts and Listcrawler is one of many sites they are using in hopes of finding what they’re looking for.

Is Listcrawler Safe?

At the moment, the United States government is cracking down on websites that “Facilitate Human Trafficking”. They have closed down a multitude of websites that were apparently infringing on these laws. Upon close examination of Listcrawler’s Terms of Service, we discovered something quite alarming for anyone thinking of using this site. The site not only does not assume any responsibility for any of the ads placed on their site, but they also reserve the right to share your information with 3rd parties, including but not limited to authorities. Considering the nature of Listcrawler, this is a huge red flag in our opinion. You can basically use the site at your own risk but we surely do not recommend it.

Are the Ads on Liscrawler Legit?

We dug around the platform for a period of 9 days. The results of the ads themselves are somewhat mixed. Although a lot of the ads were legit, even more of them seemed to not be legit. For example, we noticed multiple ads of the same woman posted in multiple cities at the same time with different phone numbers. These ads were clearly fake. We decided to continue our probing and we discovered that a lot of the ads posted were simply posted with the intention of collecting phone numbers and emails of Johns in hopes of selling them on an entirely different service or product. Although this was annoying, it was the least of our worries.

We’re quite experienced when it comes to sniffing out scams. What worried us was the possibility of walking into a full-fledged sting operation. We were very careful during our testing. We made sure to use the site from virtual private networks in order to stay anonymous. There were a few ads that seemed sketchy. We were left convinced that these were posted by law authorities. We attempted to book these women at the same time from 7 different accounts. Lo and behold, she agreed to meet us at that time which is of course impossible. Unless she had plans for some sort of wild orgy we weren’t made aware of. Due to the nature of the review, we were obviously unable to take the next step and meet up with them. Rest assured. These ads were as fake as they come.

Is Listcrawler Legal?

As far as the service they provide, they seem to be in the grey zone. Although they are not directly breaking any laws, they do fall under the category of facilitating human trafficking. Visiting the site alone obviously won’t put you behind bars. Pursuing the wrong woman might. We’re not in a position to determine the legality of the site but we do strongly suggest you proceed with caution.

Listcrawler Alternative that is Both Fun and Legal

Now to the good news. We’ve managed to discover a site that we fell in love with. This is a slightly different approach but rest assured, it’s well worth taking some time to try it.

You may, or may not have heard of a little website called WHATSYOURPRICE. Their slogan is Pay to Date. They’ve been in operation since 2010 and have amassed a total user base of more than 1 million legitimate members.

Here’s how this site works. Beautiful women post their profiles. They list their price for a date. If you agree to her fee, a real-life date is set up. Now, there is a bit of a grey zone here. The women on the site are not escorts. They’re regular women looking to make some extra money. Not sure what the difference is, don’t ask. The site claims that the women on the site are not escorts. We used the site for a week and can assure you that most women are down if you get our drift. We dropped subtle hints that we were interested in meeting up for a casual encounter and the women we contacted seemed to have absolutely no problem with that.

Council Member #6 took things a step further. He not only set up a date, but he went through with it as well. He claimed to have had the ultimate GFE (girlfriend experience). The night started off with drinks, and a couple hours later they had moved on to the fun part of the night.

The fact that these women are not escorts brings multiple benefits to the table. The encounter is 100% legal. The risk of disease os lowered substantially. The GFE is enhanced by the fact that she’s into you as well. Finally, there is a great chance she’ll want to meet up again. Second dates obviously have no fees. It’s a terrific way to find casual partners for endless nights of passion without having to worry about the long arm of the law.

We wholeheartedly recommend this site to anyone seeking a Listcrawler alternative.


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